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Specialist Cleaning

JPS Cleaning have been involved in specialist cleaning for over 25 years, ranging from specialist drain cleaning, kitchen deep cleansing, to various other tasks listed below. For more information or a no obligation quotation then please give JPS Cleaning Limited a call.

Specialist Services

For those claustrophobic individuals who refuse to enter those confined areas, JPS Cleaning can help, our team will enter virtually any confined area safely by using the latest health & Safety techniques in collaboration with JPS thorough ongoing safety evaluations.

JPS Cleaning use state-of-the art cleaning methods to eliminate all types of dangers that may occur or contamination. We can facilitate for tank & silo cleaning using high pressure or vacuum operations.

If your company produces waste that is not environmentally friendly then JPS cleaning can help, we specialise in waste management to ensure that your company complies with the required waste disposal techniques and guidelines outlined by the government.

Chemical cleaning is a method JPS use to remove unwanted residue's or contaminants from the surfaces or walls of your equipment, pipelines. It can also be used in the procedure of purification, treatment or conditioning of water.

High Pressure Water Jetting is one of the fundamental procedures that uses a water jet that is propelled at high speeds to clean industrial equipment, surfaces and materials. By focussing and pressurizing water, the pressure will remove almost any type of unwanted residue. JPS high pressure water jetting can reach unbelievable pressures of up to 10,000 PSI .

Tubes or pipelines pass through many different types of elements which can create deposit build-ups over time which can be not only hazardous to remove but time consuming if you don't possess the correct equipment. JPS have both the skills and equipment to counteract the complications to thoroughly clean the internal and external of almost any tube.

JPS Cleaning Limited are specialists in Insurance Work for Floods, Fire Damage & Sanitising. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to discuss in more detail with one of our friendly trained representatives.

JPS Cleaning have trained Health & Safety personnel who are willing to provide advice on any matters you may have concerns about. For more information or a no obligation quotation then please give JPS Cleaning Limited a call.

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